domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

mea culpa

you don't love me and it is my fault
you had it too easy
I love you because
did not need an excuse and
I just felt like you fall
is hard to explain
but I guess I will try
one day you were you
then it seemed you were mine
I am still confused
with all that I feel mixed up with your touch
and I don't know if things happen or it is just my mind
I wish I could talk to someone
any good talk will give me some calm

you don't love me and it is my fault
I showed you wide open what's inside my mind
you took it like something exotic
a thing from abroad
you had it too easy because I'm a child
I don't need love like bargain
I'm not just saying it, you see me: I'm fine
I wish I could say you break it you bought it
but I know now that what you have was never mine

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